Company provides dedicated trained team to school to update website. This trained team remains in schools 8 hours a day and provide support 24X7.
They are well trained with all the functioning of modules of website and requirements of the school.
Properly dressed with unique uniform & I-Card.
They click photographs of events, do the video coverage, upload notices, achievements, kids corner and do all website related work.

Tasks performed by Net Custodian IT Executive.
• To reach school 15 minutes before assembly.
• To attend assembly and note down the works and tasks pertaining to them.
• To submit online leave application to principal and send their approval and rejection SMS to parents.
• To collect absentees and remarks slip from the drop boxes.
• To send absentees SMS to the parents.
• To attend the enquiries on customer care phone number of Net Custodian 24X7 and provide them solution.
• To send remarks, homework, complaint, appreciation and all other SMSes to parents.
• To click photographs of all events in the school and upload on the same day within an hour.
• To update notice, media gallery, video gallery, achievement to maintain website with notices, achievement, and flyers.
• To Update word and thought daily.