Payroll Management Software

Decora Net Custodian Payroll Management Software provides comprehensive solution for HR department. They are capable of managing every detail of their staff like salary detail, attendance etc. It is designed in such a way to make it user friendly and reliable. Our payroll management software automatically calculate staff salary and generates various reports like salary slip, salary history report, leave report, attendance report etc.

Key features of Payroll Management
• The salary is generated on single click.
• You can mail slips to the employees in few seconds.
• Decrease Administration Work Load.
• Security Management of Personal Data.
• Secure Access Online.
• Fully Customized Reports.
• Payroll Software Will Track And Maintain All The Information of Salary Transfer.
• You Can Get Your Old Payroll Reports When You Needed.
• Payroll Software Save Time and Reduce Error Ratio.