Report Card Management System

This is one of our specialized software which tackles and reduces the work load of the staff members as well as the school management. The introduction of RCM reduces the work to its half.
Reports you can get:-
• Mark Lists (Subject wise, Combined)
• Compile Sheets (exam wise or annually)
• Graphical Analysis Report (Class Average Result, Students performance in a class, Students performance subject wise)
• Top 10 and Bottom 10 list for performance evaluation.

How it helps in Communication
• The facility of Online Marks entry is also available for the teachers.
• We also display the Report Card as well as the test marks of the students in the students’ and parents’ portal.
• Parents can also see the graphical representation in the Report Cards in order to evaluate their ward performance in the class.

• A graphical analysis and performance reports are healthier way to evaluate the performance and promote competition among students.
• Teachers don’t have to do monotonous handwork.
• Quick performance reports are being generated.
• Result analysis would help students to evaluate themselves and increase healthy competition among the class mates