School ERP Software

School ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software is one of the best software developed by our software development team having a lot of features easy to operate and cost saving etc. Our Net Custodian ERP software decreases your work exertions and increase transparency among students, teachers and parents.
Student, Teachers and parents can login any time using their login details on the website and can view the progress of their ward and the activities held in the school.
School management software is designed taking into consideration that it automates the various functions of schools. It provides an interactive platform for student, administrator, teachers and parents.

It includes various features like:-

User Friendly Interface: Our school ERP software is user friendly and has interactive user interface. Student, teacher & parents can easily login & use it effectively.
Customization of School Software: Our Net Custodian school software is customized in such a way to fulfill the requirement of different sections of school. School can use the software according to their requirement and make system more transparent and make maximum utilization of it.
24*7 Support Facilities:
Our Net Custodian team provides 24*7 support facility for any kind of issue. Our IT executive professional present in school instantly update the photo, achievement and notice/news on the school websites.
Integrated Platform:
Our net Custodian school ERP software provides an integrated platform for all departments of schools (Fee, Exam Cell, Library, Salary, Inventory etc). All the information of school administration & student are placed in highly secured centralized database system.
Advantage to Parents:
Parents can easily & effectively keep track of their wards progress report and can also interact with School Management and Teachers. Through this they can actively participate in the school activities. Parents can get the information about student’s attendance, performance report, time table, circulars and fee payment etc instantly through our Net-Custodian panel.
Advantage to Teacher:
School management software is also beneficial from teacher’s point of view. It automated the student attendance system and computerized the student marks and grades. Teachers can assign the homework, sample paper, syllabus and assignments to students online. They can also do the online marks entry and verify compile sheets online.
Advantage to Administration: School administration can get effective communication among teachers, student & teachers. School administration software provides the complete automation of all operation of schools and optimization of resources in the best possible way. Net-Custodian School Management Software has different types of module to handle the various function of school department.

Various modules are:-

• School ERP software
• Student information software
• Online library management system
• School SMS System
• Payroll management software & solutions
• Inventory Management software
• Online Exam Management System
• Report Card Management Software
• Time-table software
• Fee Management Software

Benefits of Net Custodian School ERP Software
• Provides transparency and increases direct communication between students, teachers and parents.
• Introducing new experimental ideas and modules to simplify things.
• Ensures to provide best administration to the school organization.
• Quick access of online school registration and entrance exam portal.
• A dedicated network which makes students reporting more reliable at one place.
• ERP School software is a online as well as offline web based software and is easily accessible through internet.
• Provides bulk SMS services for sending alerts to their parents and school staff.
• Online school registration and Online Entrance module provides all related data at a common place for easy access.
• Better understanding between school management, student and their parents.
• Provides high level security for their confidential data.
• Academic calendars, Examination schedule, School notices and various exercises presented in an organized and integrated format at single place.
• Using ERP Software, teachers can keep track of performance and academic records of students and also School management department also can track all the records about the teachers in the schools.